Official title of the project

Monitoring of Child Rights in Educational System

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

48626.43 EUR

Implementation period
2010. Dec - 2011. Dec
Expected results
  1. 375 professors educated on child rights;
  2.  450 children educated on child rights;
  3. 2500 school officials and other stakeholders informed on current status of child rights
  4.  Report on child rights implementation produced and distributed;
  5. Schools as institutions recognize and accept their responsibility in promotion and protection of the rights of a child

Programme/Project objectives

 The overall objective of the project is to establish effective and functional system of monitoring of child rights within the educational system.


Specific objectives

1.  To form the teams of teachers and children in secondary schools for monitoring of child rights;

2. To introduce the children on the rights of a child and involve them to actively participate in monitoring of child rights;

3. To research the current situation related to child rights in educational system.

More details on project

Uzice Child Rights Centre, Radovn Cicvaric, Director

Dimitrija Tucovica 60, 31000 Uzice