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Project information

Legal analysis of legislation on food safety,compliance with EU regulations,raise public awareness
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

47,208.00 EUR 

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Jun
Expected results

1. Contribution to faster adoption of legal acts, procedures, bylaws, policies, and all other measures necessary to guide this area of society

2. Contribution to establishment of unified approach to the implementation of European standards in all stages of production and sales of food products

3. Distribution of information to the general public in Serbia about the European RASSF system, which was put in place to provide food and feed control authorities with an effective tool to exchange information about measures taken responding to serious risks detected in relation to food or feed.

4. Contribution of establishment of RASSF system in Serbia

5. Raising awareness among the consumers in Serbia about their rights on valid information about the product and acquiring their active participation in the project

6. Ensuring active cooperation of consumers and food business operators and their joint effect on the authorities and public for the purpose of establishing an effective system that will provide a high level of food safety in Serbia, for the benefit of both consumers and food business operators.


Association of Consumers in Serbia-APOS 

Target Groups

Competent government authorities, representatives of the science and relevant institutions, representatives of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, representatives of nongovernmental organizations representing the most vulnerable groups of&a

Programme/Project objectives

Establishment of an effective legal and institutional framework necessary to improve the exercise of the right to safety, i.e. food safety and protection of health, on the Serbian market. 

Specific objectives

1. Raising awareness of consumers for their active participation

2. Development of a policy paper and advocacy campaign

3. Promotion of the European RASSF system

More details on project

Association of Consumers in Serbia-APOS / Mrs Edina Popov-President of the Management Board. email:

Tel. num. +381 21 447 488  +381 21 66 22 895