Official title of the project

Enhancing Human Rights through Ethics Compliance Standards

Project information

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Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution: EUR 83,943.64

Co-financing: EUR 16,894

Implementation period
2012. Jul - 2013. Oct
Expected results
  1. Awareness raised of both the public sector and civil society on the correlation between ethics compliance standards and respect for human rights.
  2. Trained 40 mid-to-senior level public servants and 10 civil society qualified to work on the dissemination, implementation, monitoring of the implementation of the standards and providing counselling and advice of the standards as needed.
  3. Creation of Ethics Compliance Standards as a reference document and published in 6,000 copies (and distributed to the stakeholders in public sector) and as an electronic edition on specially designed page of CSS website.
  4. Counseling expertise provided to the public sector through ethics counseling to the ministries and government agencies.

The public sector institutions (ministries and government agencies), and the civil society organisations.

Target Groups

The public sector, the civil society, the media, and all citizens — all clients of the public sector .

Programme/Project objectives

  1. Raising of the awareness and improvement in the knowledge by the public sector and civil society on ethics compliance as a core mechanism to establish institutional and professional integrity;
  2. Creating of a policy document containing a set of general ethics compliance standards for the public service as a starting point in addressing corruption, viewed as a hindrance to human rights;
  3. Improving in the institutional capacity to establish a mechanism to implement ethics compliance standards, by providing training and counsel to the public institutions; and,
  4. Improving the capacity of civil society to monitor the implementation of ethics standards and cooperate with the public sector in lieu of using the ethics compliance standards as a systematic means to prevent infringements of human rights through corruption.

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Centre for Security Studies (CSS)

Aleksandar Fatić, Project Manager