Official title of the project

Naming IT War


Project information

Tthe question of Civil and Social Status of People with War Experience
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

Eu Contribution: 95,000 Euro

15,000 Euro MATRA – Dutch Embassy, 38,000 USD NED

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Dec
Expected results

Expected results as envisioned in the project proposal:

Outputs: 5 public event developed by the CSO in each location; 6 TV programs; traveling exhibition, 5 round tables and catalog. Results: built capacity of CSOs in engaging with the war, its consequences and participants regarding freedom of speech and public’s right to information; creation of a social setting in 5 cities for full and equal participation of people with war experience; raised public and decision-makers awareness  of  the need for policies and civil /social status of those people


Local organizations: Centare for Human Rights – Nis, Millenium – Kragujevac, Anti-Crisis Ceter – Leskovac, Ravnopravnost – Zrenjanin, Forca - Pozega


War Trauma Centar

Target Groups

1. The development team - war veteran and anti-war activists including organizational team, legal team, visibility team, thematic workgroup and visibility team

2. Five CSOs from different cities in Serbi

Summary of the project

Current situation:


  1. Establishing workgroups of war participants especially war veteran and anti-war activists  in 8 cities in Serbia – Nis, Leskovac, Pozega-Arilje, Kragujevac, Kikinda, Pancevo, Zrernjanin-Perlez, Raska., each held 3-4 internal round table for creating trust within the workgroup as well as 3-4 public round tables. Another 2-3 are expected by the end of September.
  2. Breaking the media blockade on the subject by project’s newsletter (24 altogether) which is also published weekly in the newspaper Danas (22 altogether) and as a result reports and reportage of other media. The round tables at CZKD (15 altogether) were announced on the CZKD site, the site of the Ignorant Schoolmaster and on Facebook; invitation were sent through their mailing lists.
  3. Deeping the public debate on the consequences of war for it participants and society in Serbia by holding around 40 round table on different aspects of the subject, with altogether hundreds of participants
  4. Legal – conceptual consideration of the Veteran-Disability Protection Law and contribution to the People Initiative draft law, handed to parliament by the Serbian Veteran Council. This contribution included round tables on three main themes – 1. Definitions of terms such as veteran, war, handicap etc. and periodization of the wars; 2. Benefits and economic incentives for integration; national/State recognition

Programme/Project objectives

Consolidation of Serbian democracy and society by overcoming the war/anti-war divide and increasing the civil and social participation of people with war experience through institution building.

Specific objectives

1. Establishing cooperation between war veterans and anti-war activists.

2. Institution building to enhance the inclusion and participation of people with war experience.

3. Enhance a process of legitimating the legal, social rights of people with war experience.

More details on project

 Centar CZKD

Director: Borka Pavicevic                               Project manager: Noa Treister, +381 (0)11 361 0270, +381 (0)60 3162558