Official title of the project

Cooperation in Torture Prevention


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 46.941,03 EUR

Co-financing: 3.284,77 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Jun
Expected results
  1. Capacity building and stronger involvement of Serbian civil society organizations (CSO) in the work of NPM
  2. Building capacities of Ombudsperson’s office through seminars, and sharing expertise with regional and international National Preventive Mechanism
  3. Raising awareness on human rights and importance of NPM in torture prevention among wider public

Medjunarodna mreza pomoci I.A.N. International Aid Network

Target Groups

1) Civil society organizations

2) Ombudsperson’s office staff

3) Persons at risk of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment

4) General population

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective is to contribute to the eradicating torture and impunity in Serbian society by prevention of torture in places of detention. 

Specific objectives

To improve efficiency of monitoring, documentation and reporting of torture in places of detention by the National Preventive Mechanism 

More details on project

Medjunarodna mreza pomoci I.A.N. International Aid Network

Admirala Geprata 10

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone number: + 381 11 7617 197

Fax number:  +381 11 7617 243

Contact person: Tijana Eror,, +381 64 6355289