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Original approach to Community Mobilization and Community Education concerning Childhood Sexual Assault issue
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Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 46.499.65 EUR

Co-financing: 2.447.35 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Jun
Expected results

Motivated children, youngsters, parents, teachers and other acters are active participants in Community Mobilization process supported by clear public message of the Government regarding preventing and stopping Childhood Sexual Assault.

1. Increased number & accessibility of high quality SA prevention educational & promotional materials and services through four 3D CSA Prevention tools and production and broadcast of 3 short documentaries on SA

2. At least 40 ed. decision makers at national and local level are informed on the 3D CSA school prevention tools proposal and 60% of included teachers are willing to support its incorporation into their practicing of school curriculum.

3. At least 100.000 young people, women, ed. stakeholders and other citizens informed on SA reporting and prevention through Sexual Assault Prevention Week and the Excellence Award School Competition

4. Increased capacity of at least 35 schools and HR NGOs from Serbia to cooperate and participate in development & promotion of effective gender-based violence (GBV) and CSA prevention mechanisms.

Target Groups
  1. 60.000 young people, teachers & parents from 30 edu institutions in 4 towns in Serbia; B) State ministries and local & institutional (educational) authorities; C) General public (with focus on young people, educators and gender-rel

Programme/Project objectives

Strengthen the role of civil society in promoting HR of the child and women and supporting democratic reform processes aimed at reduction of gender-based violence (GBV) in Serbia. 

Specific objectives

Increase capacity of civil society organizations, to influence and participate with government and other stakeholders, in development and promotion of effective Childhood Sexual Assault (C)SA prevention mechanisms in Serbia.

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Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade

Dušica Popadić, Director


cell: 063 752 12 54