Official title of the project

Promoting the Right to Work and Creating Opportunities for Work for People with Intellectual Disabilities


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU Contribution: 25.000,00€ (95%)

Co-financing: 1.375,00€ (5%)

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Jun
Expected results

To expand the rights of the intellectually disabled population to have the right and means to work on the open labor market.

A more integrated business environment that provides opportunities for people with ID including those that are not including under the current employment legislation.

  1. By including 42 people with intellectual disabilities on the open labor market the project resulted in the realization of their basic human rights and right to work and enabled the beneficiaries to engage in self-actualization.
  2. Thanks to the project’s interventions 17 participants have obtained work engagement positions for the first time, 11 participants increased the number of hours they work a week at the same work place and 16 added a new workplace to an existing one.  An unexpected result of the project was that 4 beneficiaries gained full employment status and now have employee status in their respective businesses.
  3. Cooperation was established with the Centre for Protection of Infants and Young Children, and other associations working with people with intellectual disabilities in Belgrade in an effort to include more beneficiaries in the training and work engagement activities on the open labor market.
  4. Successful old partnerships have been further developed and new partnerships established with businesses, organizations and institutions: McDonald’s, Delta Holding, Roggenart Bakeries, Home Centre, Parking Service, Clinical Center of Serbia, Jewish Community of Belgrade, Delhaize Maxi Supermarket, Xeikon Printing House, Belgrade Philharmonic, Children’s Cultural Centre, National Theatre of Belgrade, OSCE, Residence of Portugal, Residence of France, Residence of Norway, KPMG International, Indonesian Embassy.
  5. Representatives from the business community, government agencies and the NGO field who were present and participated in roundtables formed a network of social actors prepared to lobby together for changes to the laws which would enable an expansion of the work engagement program.
  6. Promotion of the project on various levels and with different actors contributed to the sensitizing of the community to the realization of the right to work of people with intellectual disabilities. 
Target Groups
  • Individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Businesses, their staff, clients  and customers
  • Families of people with ID
  • Society at-large

Programme/Project objectives

1. To create a long-term mechanism to ensure social integration of intellectually disabled (ID) individuals who otherwise lack access to mainstream social and economic communities

2. Create sustainable work models which are supportive and appropriate for individuals with ID

3. Encourage businesses to open and adapt their workplaces to people with ID

4. Lobby for amendments to existing legislation so that people with ID have opportunities to work in the mainstream economy

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“Creative Educational Centre - KEC”

Margareta Kecman