Official title of the project

Against discrimination and promoting tolerance – searching for possibilities of effective collaboration between judiciary and CSOs


Project information

Building social cohesion and overcoming discrimination in Serbian society by promoting tolerance and cultural diversity.
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

46. 670, 00 €

Implementation period
-0001. Nov - -0001. Nov
  • victims of discrimination;
  • public institutions and bodies, involved in anti discrimination issues;
  • local media who will extend their knowledge and sensitize in the problems of discrimination;
  • CSOs and independent public institutions, which will expand their networking and partnership;
  • other CSOs from Serbia, who will use project results (publications, experiences, etc);
  • General public will benefit from much higher level of protection of human rights and raised awareness on discrimination problems in Serbia.

Association of Judges, RS-2010-DVH-2702102603, Serbian, 2001, non profit, non governmental, professional association

Centre for Human Rights - Nis, RS-2010-FGF-1301695882, Serbian, 28 September 2000, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization

Zavod Moja Soseska, SI-2009-FHA-0902132738, Ljubljana, 09.01.2004, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization  

Target Groups

- victims of discrimination;

- public prosecutors, judges and representatives of CSOs dealing with anti discrimination issues;

- state institutions dealing with anti discrimination issues;

- general public.

Programme/Project objectives

  1. to develop sustainable and comprehensive judiciary implementation of antidiscrimination legislation;
  2. to define and accustom best practice and EU experiences of protection to victims of discrimination;
  3. to create a specific training curricula for sensitized approach of public prosecutors and judges in the cases with victims of discrimination;
  4.  to strengthen the role of legal professional associations from Serbia in promotion of antidiscrimination;
  5. to create legal network with CSOs from the local level in order to advocacy for comprehensive protection from discrimination (creation of indicators and monitoring);
  6. to raise awareness on importance of protection from all forms of discrimination.

More details on project

Prosecutors Association of Serbia, Gračanička 18, Belgrade

Marina Matić,, +381 69 18 11 977