Official title of the project

Women participation in local budgeting processes


Project information

Building capacities of rural women in municipality of Majdanpek for active participation in local budgeting processes.
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 37.516,45 EUR

Co-financing: 1.974,55 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Jun - 2013. Jun
Expected results
  1. 77 women living in rural communities took part in budget making brocesses
  2. 36 rural women are trained to participate in annual budgeting process
  3. Memebrs of  Municipal Commission for Gender Equality built capacities in gender budgeting
  4. 8 rural communities adopted gender responsive financial plans including reconstruction of rural ambulances, educational activities, support to women NGOs
  5. Local government in Municipality of Majdanpek passed the Decision for Improved Access to Health Services in Rural Communities allocating 14,4 millions of RSD for improvement of health services 

5000 women living in rural parts of the Municipality of Majdanpek and their families (children, elderly people etc),

Target Groups
  • 30 women living in rural parts of municipality
  • 6 members of municipal Commission for Gender Equality;
  • 14 presidents of rural communities
  • Political parties represented in Local Parliament and Municipal Counc

Programme/Project objectives

  1. To empower rural women to take active role in creation of local policies and address gender gaps in their communities,  
  2. To build up capacities of the Municipal Commission for Gender Equality in gender responsive budgeting,
  3. To raise awareness among local politicians about equal participation of men and women in community life.

More details on project

Association of Citiziens Resource Centre, Majdanpek

Boris Ilijevski, president; e-mail: