Official title of the project

Enhancing the asylum protection system in Serbia

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

49, 890.52 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results

1) Capacities of an estimated 80 relevant central and local level actors to implement their mandates with regard to the asylum protection system strengthened and an estimated of 10 local civil society organisations with strengthened capacities to act at local level; cooperation between all actors increased

2) 40 workshops organised for asylum seekers; a minimum of 1000 persons reached through information campaign; sustainable source of information on asylum protection system provided to interest parties

3) 500 asylum seekers provided with free legal aid, 300 illegal migrants provided with information on their current legal position, on asylum, and on the ways of entering into legal frameworks.

4) Targeted advocacy activities conducted to align the asylum procedures and legislation with European standards


Public authorities (Commissariat for Refugees of the RS, Centers for asylum, Social Welfare Centers, Centers for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, Asylum Office, Asylum Commission, Border police,  local authorities in Lajkovac, Loznica, Subotica, Belgrade, Banja Koviljaca, Bogovadja, local and central level hospitals and courts, etc.), civil society organisations. 

Target Groups

All asylum seekers in Serbia, persons granted asylum in Serbia, irregular immigrants in Serbia, Serbian citizens from local communities, Serbia society at large, officers/representatives  of  the Public authorities (Commissariat for Refu

Programme/Project objectives

To enhance the respect of human rights of asylum seekers, refugees and others who were forced to migrate to Serbia. 

Specific objectives

1) Increase the capacities of relevant local and central stakeholders that are part of the asylum protection system, including local civil society organisations, and strengthen their cooperation.

2) Build dialogue between asylum seekers and local communities and combat discrimination, prejudices against immigrants and asylum seekers.

3) Improve the access of asylum seekers to legal aid.

4) Address the gaps within the asylum protection laws or policies.

More details on project

Centar za zaštitu i pomoć tražiocima azila /Asylum Protection Center  (APC/CZA)