Official title of the project

Mediation to resolving


Project information

Region / City
Bor, Pozarevac, Jagodina
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution: 49 990,54 €

Co-financing: 2 631,08 €

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results

1. Developed network of teams educated at mediation skills  to be implemented in peer groups, at schools and in the communities involved in the project, for long-term and continuously.  

2. Informed citizens from Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina recognize advantages of mediation as an alternative approach to active citizenship in resolving disputes/conflicts.

3. Youth fostering dialogue in peer groups, at school and citizens and relevant system institutions aware of mediation contributing to democratic changes.

4. Enhanced awareness of citizens on alternative methods of resolving disputes/conflicts and available service of mediation for youth in Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina.


Associate: Center for Mediation Belgrade

Final beneficiaries are pupils from secondary schools, schools parliament members,  other secondary schools pupils in conflict/ confrontation, family mediation participants and  mediation participants – victims in the process of mediation with juvenile criminal offenders, citizens and multidisciplinary team of system institutions from Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina- Social Welfare Centers, OCD, Justice and Mediation Center, town/city administration, police headquarters, professional and civil public in the comm


Partner 1: Associations of citizens  ‘’KOKORO’’ - Bor

Partner 2: Associations of citizens ’’Centar za društveno ekonomski razvoj’’

Target Groups

Primary target group are youth from Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina, of different gender, national/ethnic origin, confession, from rural and urbane environment  

Secondary target groups are cit

Programme/Project objectives

Contributing to building democracy and democratic society through realization of Laws in the field of implementing mediation when resolving disputes/conflicts according to International documents creating legal stability in social relations in Branicevo, Bor and Pomoravski Districts.   

Specific objectives

1. Strengthening a network of educated teams to implement mediation in Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina for long-term and continuously on mobility to change.

2. Increasing awareness of people and mobilizing communities in building policy of recognizing and implementing mediation as an instrument in resolving disputes/conflicts and achievement of human rights. 

3. Reinforcing youth for human values, respecting human rights and transformation of confrontations/conflicts through dialogue and active citizenship in resolving disputes/conflicts through mediation.  

4. Mobilizing society resources (family, schools and communities) to establishing sustainable service of mediation in Požarevac, Bor and Jagodina.

More details on project

Implementing partner: Citizen Association “Тhe Chance”

Person responsible: Tatjana Rajic

Contact details of person responsible:

Telephone number: +381/12 55 00 61; +381/63/8846333

Address: Veljka Vlahovica St. 53, 12 000 Pozarevac