Official title of the project

Rural Women On the Move

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

47,047.73 Euro

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results

Longterm: Rural women from the villages of the Municipality of Aleksinac actively participate in public life through the activities of the Association and in accordance with the issued local strategic documents.

Short term: Increased level of knowledge of rural women about their rights and gender equality; increased activisim of rural women; Rural Women Association is formed; Municipality decision on drafting LAP about the improvement of women‘s position and gender equality is issued out; General public awareness about gender equality and the importance and role of women in the villages is increased


Direct beneficiaries: - 400 rural women in the research (20 surveyees in 20 villages); - 20 rural women for training (20 representatives from 10 villages); - 40 rural women for study visits; - 120 rural women – participants in the advocacy activities; - 20 rural women for the formation of the Association of Rural Women; - 20 rural women for the Final conference;

Final beneficiaries are the representatives of the local government and political parties of the Municipality of Aleksinac, but also the rest of the population of the minici

Target Groups

Women in the villages of the Municipality of Aleksinac

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is the development and empowerment of the potentials of the rural women for their active participation in the public life of the local community through forming of the association and enhancing the initiative for the adoption of the Local action plan.

Specific objectives

Specific objective 1. The strengthening of the capacities of the women in the villages of the Municipality of Aleksinac by increasing their level of knowledge about women’s rights and activism in the local community.

Specific objective 2. Enhancing the initiative for making local policy in the area of gender equality and the improvement of women in the Municipality of Aleksinac.                           

Specific objective 3. Sensibilization of the public in order to promote the rural women position.

More details on project

Association for Development of Creativity, Aleksinac

Contact Person: Stevanović Aleksandra, President, e-mail:, Tel: 064/12 21 063