Official title of the project

United Students’ Parliaments for Human Rights Promotion


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contribution 47,300 EUR (94,71 %)

Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Serbia 2,640 EUR (5,29 %)

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results
  1. Improved capacities of secondary school SP in Jablanica and Pcinja district for human rights protection and  fight against discrimination of minority groups, PWD, internally displaced persons (IRL), LGBT persons, within the school population
  2. Recognized SP by endangered groups as supporting force in fulfilling the their basic human rights
  3. Increased influence of SP in school decision making processes regarding human rights protection and fight against discrimination

Secondary schools students’ parliaments from Jablanica and Pcinja District


Direct beneficiaries within the targeted group will be:

  • 40 secondary school students educated as members of P&M team who will be trained and prepared to create activities for prevention of discrimination, promotion of human rights and monitoring in order to prepare periodical school reports and to participate in Human Rights Promotion Action Plan.
  • 20 teachers educated as members of P&M team who will be trained and prepared to create activities for&
Target Groups

The target group of the project are representatives of 20 secondary school SP in Jablanica and Pcinja district and representatives of minorities, LGBT population and people with disabilities among the secondary schools population. Target group are

Programme/Project objectives

Supporting the process of strengthening the role of civil society in promoting human rights trough enhancing youth initiatives for inclusiveness and pluralism; 

Specific objectives

Powered role of secondary school Students' Parliaments from Southern Serbia (Jablanica and Pcinja district) in endangered groups human rights promotion and protection

More details on project

Educational Centre - Leskovac/Serbia

Address: Masarikov trg 32, 16000 Leskovac, Serbia

Tel./Fax: + 381 16 215 413; 215 431


Web site:

Responsible person:  Igor Stajic

                                      (+ 381 60 446 73 32;

Project manager:        Violeta Stankovic

           (+ 381 60 616 97 51;

Project coordinator:    Milorad Mladenovic

           (+ 381 60 042 17 71;