Official title of the project

The Inclusion of Roma and Children with Disabilities (developmental, emotional and behavioral difficulties)

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU contributes: 47.810 EUR 

Implementation period
2013. May - 2014. May
Expected results
  1. Trained and licensed members of 46 ISCs to apply the new holistic child-centred assessment methodology (ROD). 
  2. Supported inclusion of 46 children through implemented assessments/plans, which are based on new holistic methodology.
  3. Disseminated 1000 copies of the Manual (which contains survey of the children needs, recommendations for providing necessary support and other relevant information for efficient ISC operating) to each ISCs member (137 ISCs x 4) and other relevant stakeholders.

Important note: With 46 ISC representatives, trained through this Project to apply holistic assessment methodology, a total coverage of 100% ISCs will be achieved.     

  1. Inter-Sector Committees
  2. Centres for Social Welfare.
  3. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health Care.

The final beneficiaries:

  1. Roma Children.
  2. Children with disabilities.
  3. Children with conduct problems and difficulties in emotional/social development.
  4. Children deprived of parental care.
  5. Child-care p
Target Groups

1. Forty-six members of Inter-Sector Committees (ISCs).

2. Forty-six children from 46 municipalities who will be assessed and supported within the Project.  

Programme/Project objectives

Overall Objective of the Project is to enhance social inclusion and exercise on the rights of children with disabilities (developmental, emotional and behavioral difficulties) and those from disadvantaged groups, particularly Roma children. 

Specific objectives

Strengthening capacities of social welfare representatives in Inter-Sector Committees to equalize assessment standards/practice.   

More details on project

Association for Alternative Family Care – FAMILIA, Gundulicev  venac 38/17, Belgrade

Branka Radojevic, Project Manager 

+381 11 3391282; +381 11 3346836; +381 60 3164887;