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Project information

The history of homosexuality and homophobia in Serbia/Yugoslavia
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU/EIDHR  44,397.00 EUR

Heinrich Boell Stiftung 10,000.00 EUR

British Embassy 19,573.00 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Aug
Expected results
  1. Discovery, interpretation and presentation of relevant material which deconstructs and challenges the "official" histories and creates space for new history readings in respect to the history of LGBT community in Serbia (oral and material history record of the history of LGBT community)
  2. New insights and information concerning LGBT community's history had reached a substantial amount of people through project’s PR and promotional activities

LGBT community, its representatives and organizations

Scientific community, its representatives and institutions


Center for Visual History, Faculty for Media and Communications (Singidunum University)

Target Groups

LGBT community

General public and mainstream social circles

Public office holders, decision-makers and public opinion holders

Scientific community

Programme/Project objectives

  1. To contribute to the empowerment of LGBT community and their inclusion into the Serbian society
  2. To raise public awareness that LGBT community is an integral part of the regional and Serbian society not only today but also throughout the history
  3. To offer an “alternative” history which challenges the “official” one, and proves that LGBT community always was an integral part of the Serbian community
  4. To stimulate the scientific community to deal with these and similar issues and engage them into the struggle for LGBT rights

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Heartefact Fund

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