Official title of the project

Youth Network for inclusive society

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

EU: 79.764 Euros

19.960 Euros (Applicant)

Implementation period
2013. Apr - 2014. Apr
Expected results
  1. Reducing prejudice and a better understanding of the rights of minority groups by supporting an inclusive process at all levels;
  2. Improved system of inclusive education in targeted schools and communities
  3. Increased capacity of CSOs in 5 coalition representing the rights of minorities
  4. Created a sustainable network of young people from 5 CSOs coalition that will continue to work to strengthen an inclusive society in Serbia.

Partner organisation:   CIP-Center for interactive Pedagogy - Belgrade,


Association for development of creativit - Aleksinac;

Asoctiation of citizens NEXUS - Vranje;

Uzice Child Rights centre - Uzice.

Target Groups

30 Young people from 18-25 years old from five towns in SE Serbia; 1 500 kids from five towns who will see the forum theater and participate in advocacy campaign and local actions; 500 employees in schols from five towns in SE Serbia; decission ma

Programme/Project objectives

  1. strengthening the role of the civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform
  2. advocacy for the improvement of the inclusive process and facilitation of the position of marginalized groups in Serbia
  3. increase  participation of marginalized groups and representation of their interests in creating public policies.

More details on project

The Association for development of children and youth - OPEN CLUB
2, Učitelj Tasa Square
18000 NIš