Official title of the project

Reforming Policy Coordination and Centre of Government-Third Phase

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Implementation period
2013. Sep - 2015. Sep
Expected results
  • Modernized Centre of Government, comprising PPS which together with the PMO, MoF, GS, LS and SEIO is capable of performing the core CoG functions
  • Improved procedures and methodologies, for policy planning, policy development (formulation), policy coordination and policy monitoring, closely linked with the budget process and embedded in the Rules of Procedure of the government and implemented by the CoG and the Ministries
  • Stronger operational linkages and better cooperation between the SPP and other CoG bodies – including institutions in charge of the EU integration process - involved in the policy and legislative process.
  • Upgraded capacity of ministries to develop policy and legislation for decision by the government and to monitor the implementation of policies and legislation
  • Strengthened capacities and enhanced role of stakeholders external to the Government in contributing to the policy formulation process (in particular local governments and civil societ

Public Policy Secretariat of the Government of Serbia

Target Groups

Target groups affected by this reforms are all line ministries, special organizations and government agencies since effective implementation of suggested reforms requires changes in their legal, organizational, procedural and administrative way of

Summary of the project

Effective planning, policy development and coordination and an efficiently functioning Centre of Government will be very important in bringing EU negotiations to a successful conclusion and enabling Serbia to play a full role as a member of the European Union in due course.

The establishment in March 2014 of the Public Policy Secretariat who became the Beneficiary of the Project instead of the General Secretariat of the Government contributed to better impact in imporiving policy development and coordination at the centre of government. This area has in the past presented a considerable challenge to Serbia, and not only in relation to Serbia’s EU accession process. .

The project was designed to target reform in Policy development and coordination area where the following key requirements and principles are defined by the EC in cooperation with SIGMA:

Key requirement: Centre of government institutions fulfil all functions critical to a well-organised, consistent and competent policy making system.

Principle 1: Centre of government institutions fulfil all functions critical to a well-organised, consistent and competent policy making system.

Principle 2: Clear horizontal procedures for governing national European integration process are established and enforced under the co-ordination of the responsible body.

Key requirement: Policy planning is harmonised, aligned with the Government’s financial circumstances and ensures the Government is able to achieve its objectives.

Principle 3: Harmonised medium-term policy planning, with clear whole-of-government objectives, exists and is aligned with the financial circumstances of the Government; sector policies meet the Government objectives and are consistent with the medium-term budgetary framework.

Principle 4: A harmonised medium-term planning system for all processes relevant to European integration exists and is integrated into<

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective defined according to the ToR is: “to improve the policy and legislation processes and outcomes at the central level in view of EU accession”.

More details on project

Other donors: US Aid Business Enabling Project supports programme budgeting and associated planning; GiZ Legal Reform Project reforming regulatory system; GiZ  Support to EU accession.