Official title of the project

Sustainable Development in Energy Sector


Project information

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Implementation period
2011. Apr - 2012. Apr
Expected results

Project will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Mining and Energy to prepare Kyoto Protocol Midterm Implementation Plan in the Energy Sector and the Plan for the Implementation of the EU legislation regarding the quality of fuels and the sulphur content in the certain liquid fuels followed by the proposal to establish the adequate System for the fuel quality monitoring. Public campaign and workshops are also envisaged by the Project in order to fulfill the objectives of sustainable development in the Energy Sector. Project should be based on the analysis and elaboration of existing national Strategies for the Implementation of CDM and their conclusions as well as on the relevant EU legislative framework such as Green paper - A European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy and EU Energy and Climate Legislation Package.


Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy


Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH in consortium with EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria

Summary of the project

The purpose of this project is implementation of sustainable energy policy, implementation of Kyoto protocol, rational use of conventional fuels and increased use of renewable energy sources through the elaboration of the medium term plan for the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in the energy and mining sector as well as raising the awareness by public campaigns and trainings in the sustainable development field and the preparation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the EU directives referring to the quality of petrol and diesel and sulphure content in certain liquid fuels as well as of the proposal for the quality control system which is harmonized with methods given in these directives.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to assist Serbia in the activities with the main goal to create sustainable development by enhancing capacities in the energy sector to efficiently use resources according to EU standards.

Specific objectives

The Consultant should achieve following results: PART A: Kyoto protocol Result 1: Preparation of Kyoto Protocol mid-term Implementation Plan in the Energy Sector Result 2: Awareness raising through:

  • Public campaigns
  • Workshops on sustainable development related to the climate and energy

PART B: Quality and Monitoring of the quality of fuels Result 1: Preparation of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the EU Legislation regarding petrol and diesel quality and sulphure content in certain liquid fuels bearing in mind current technological state of Serbia’s oil refinery and the current state of vehicle fleet. Result 2: Proposal of adequate Monitoring System for the fuel quality control, which would at least encompass following:

  • Monitoring methods
  • Modalities of inspection control financing
  • Organization of inspection services
  • Authorization of laboratories for the fuel’s quality control

Result 3

  • Report on Biofuels labelling-certification system