Official title of the project

Support to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups, including Roma, through more diversified community-based social services

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2014. Jan - -0001. Nov
Expected results

1) building the capacities of the IPA Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,

2) supporting grant recipients to implement projects (funded through the corresponding Call for Proposals),

3)supporting authorities in charge of regulating and providing social services to draft and implement social inclusion strategies and specific actions to provide services to vulnerable groups in a community-based setting, and

4) finally to improve the livelihood of Roma population through active inclusion initiatives. 


Ministry of labour, empoyment, veterans and socila affairs

EPTISA -  implementator 

Target Groups

Relevant nationaland local institutions

Roma population

Summary of the project

The project, aims to strengthen institutional capacities to manage social inclusion policies across the country; develop Community-based Social Services for vulnerable groups; support the implementation of active inclusion initiatives for Roma population.

Better management of social inclsuion policies

More community based services throughout Serbia for vuneable population

Impovement og the position of Roma in Serbia

Programme/Project objectives

TA for the institutions dealing with socialy vunerable population