Official title of the project

Improvement of hazardous waste management in the Republic of Serbia – IHWMS


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

1,000,000.00 Euro out of which:

  • EU financing  - 950,000 Euro and
  • Republic of Serbia- 50,000 Euro 
Implementation period
2015. May - 2017. May
Expected results
  1. Analysis of Serbian legislation about specific waste streams followed by recommendations for improvement;
  2. By-laws preparation
  3. Recommendation for improvement of current waste management systems based on best practices that covers 3 EU member states;
  4. Updating the waste streams plans which had been prepared under previous projects and develop new ones (SWSPs);
  5. Integrated hazardous waste management plan
  6. Assessment of the training needs and implementing a  training program
  7. Guideline for hazardous waste management system
  8. Trainings/seminars, workshops and study visits carried out as planned

Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection 

Target Groups
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Department for Waste, Legal Department, Sector for Inspection and Control etc.
  • Serbian Environmental Protection Agency
  • Province Secretariat for Urban Planning, Con

Summary of the project

Waste management is a sector where impacts for health and the environment are of particular concern, and this is indeed specifically recognised for hazardous wastes by EU waste Directives.


The understanding and the priorities in EU legislation have evolved significantly over the years and now the approach is to lead Europe towards a society where the hazard of the products is eliminated or diminished as far as possible. Thus, the waste generated will not pose a high risk for the environment and human health.

In order to fulfil this Governments have to tackle the hazardous waste through the life cycle model characterised by clear responsibilities, objectives and last but not least by "waste hierarchy".

In this context, as a candidate country Serbia has the obligation to gradually align the national waste legislation and strategic planning to the Acquis communautaire. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection has initiated this Twinning Project “Improvement of hazardous waste management in the Republic of Serbia – IHWMP”.   

  1. Development and improvement of hazardous waste management system, by completing legislation and strategic planning
  2. Hazardous waste needs appropriate management
  3. A proper hazardous waste management ensures human health and environmental safety