Official title of the project

Monitoring of Implementation of the Agreement Concluded between Kosovo and Serbia in the Field of Free Movement of People and Goods


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2011 Theme 1: Strengthening the Rule of Law
Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project

96,749.00 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Nov - 2013. Nov
Expected results
  1. Research and monitoring activities conducted with purpose of evaluation of implementation of the agreements concluded between Kosovo and Serbia in the sphere of freedom of movement of people. Two publication were published: 1) Research and monitoring results, and 2) Policy paper.
  2. Main recommendations in the area of movement of goods.
  3. Main conclusions and recommendations regarding implementation of agreement in the area of movement of people.
  4. Public awareness raised through 20 newspaper and internet articles.

Citizens of Serbia and Kosovo, governments of Serbia and Kosovo and import/export companies.

Programme/Project objectives

The general objective of the project is to provide support to the regional cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo, which is a precondition for EU integration of both, as well as to facilitate the free flow of goods and people. The main project activities include research and monitoring, drafting and distribution of the expert report and policy paper, lobbying and public advocacy, and media and public promotion of the project.