Official title of the project

Improving CSO capacities in professionalization of service delivery at the local level


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2011 Theme 2: Civic and capacity building initiatives
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

87,691.00 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Nov - 2013. Nov
Expected results
  1. Increased capacity of the CSO service providers reflected on higher quality services for the 812 beneficiaries;
  2. Improved visibility of vulnerable groups and CSOs as service providers reflected on the awareness of the general population on the needs of the vulnerable groups;
  3. Increased understanding by local governments on importance of providing and financing services as a support to vulnerable groups;
  4. Established Konekta, the first network of service providers (;
  5. Printed and published the Guide on service standards and licensing procedure that will remain as a tool for learning and facilitating the licensing process for CSO social service providers;
  6. National stakeholders became aware of the Project and challenges that CSO service providers face.

Vulnerable citizens in 20 local communities/municipalities/towns.


Serbian Management Center, RS

Summary of the project

The action aims to increase CSO capacities to deliver social services at the local level, by improving professional capacities and competencies in the areas of service management and efficiency, service quality and standards, and service monitoring and evaluation, including advocacy. Networking and partnership of CSOs at national and grassroots level are enhanced by establishing an open professional network of CSO service providers.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective of the project was to contribute to the increase in plurality of social service providers and improve quality of social services at local level for the vulnerable citizens of Serbia.