Official title of the project

Sustainable community based services for persons with disability


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2011 Theme 2: Civic and capacity building initiatives
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

86,533.65 EUR

Implementation period
2012. Nov - 2014. May
Expected results
  1. Study on service providers developed with desk research and field survey realized;
  2. 5 forums were organized with new service providers identified in 5 cities: Belgrade, Uzice, Pozarevac, Kikinda and Leskovac ;
  3. 5 info seminars realized with mechanism for implementation of community based services;
  4. Info web portal established and data base of service providers developed at which service provider can create its profile;
  5. 3 educational programs on the quality of standards were implemented with 60 service providers trained for implementing quality standards in designing and implementing support services for persons with disabilities;
  6. 5 public-private partnership and social entrepreneurship educational programs were realized presenting new models for implementation community based services that will contribute to sustainability of the service;
  7. 5 new community services implemented through sub-grating at the local level.

People with disabilities, especially children and youth with disabilities and their families in 4 local communities/4 regions, other public institutions, all interesting stakeholders. 


1. Citizens Association “The Chance”

2. Inclusive Society Development Center

3. “Perspective” Association of Citizens

Summary of the project

The project activities are aimed at increasing the number of service providers in education, employment, and social protection through mobilizing and bringing together all individuals and organizations dealing with service provision at the local level. The project is improving the functionality of services in local communities and increasing visibility through the establishment of a functional open database of service providers.

Programme/Project objectives

Project contributed to enhanced civil society participation in social inclusion initiatives by linking and strengthening existing and new community based service providers in the fields of social protection, education and employment.