Official title of the project

Local Transparency Booster: Raising Accountability and Prevention of Corruption in Local Governments


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2013 Theme 1: Fight against corruption
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

105,731.78 EUR

Implementation period
2014. Nov - 2016. May
Expected results
  1. Comprehensive process of evaluating transparency of local authorities produced viable methodology as a tool for measurement of transparency level of local administrations;
  2. As a result of developed tool for transparency measurement 123 municipalities and 23 cities will have a clear benchmark for internal evaluation of their conduct which can be used as a quality tool assessment in the future;
  3. Development of the on-line database will result in publicly accessible data of all selected documents of public interest adopted by local administration;
  4. Capacity building for local CSOs will lead to development and dissemination of the Tool-kit for Local Transparency, an instrument for improvement of accountability of local administrations.

Toplica Centre for Democracy and Human Rigts (RS)

Summary of the project

Local CSOs will be supported through capacity building in order to enable the environment for responsible local administration. Advocated policy and legal framework will be designed for continuous obligatory on-line availability of documents of public interest adopted by local administration, with the aim of securing sustainability of the raised transparency.

Programme/Project objectives

This project aims to provide free on-line access to all selected documents of public interest adopted by the local administration, thereby reducing the preconditions for corruption in local administrations and public utility companies.