Official title of the project

Technical Assistance to Support the State Aid System in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jul - 2012. Jan
Expected results
  • Legal advice is provided by the consultant so that the State Aid legal framework and its implementation are in line with the EU Acquis;
  • A Strategic Development Plan, covering at least 5 years, for the Department and the Commission is designed, adopted and started to be implemented through an Action Plan;
  • The Department’s organisation and the Commission’s organisation and procedures are designed, presented to the Commission for its consideration and adoption and further implemented;
  • The process of preparation of state aid inventory is well advanced;
  • Preparation of the Programme on the existing state aid schemes and individual state aid’s harmonisation with the State Aid Control Law and relevant by-laws;
  • The Department staff, the Commission’s members and relevant staff of major state aid providers are trained in main areas of the State Aid Acquis;
  • Detailed Assessment of the IT needs of the Department and of the Commission completed and technical specifications drafted;
  • State Aid providers and users as well as the judiciary are informed on State Aid law and policy.

Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia/ Group for State Aid Control / Commission for State Aid Control


CLDS, Chamber of Commerce

Summary of the project

The State Aid TA project is a continuation of the EU financed project “Policy and Legal Advise Centre” (PLAC) II and III which operated in the period from January 2005 to June 2009. While the PLAC project was addressing the issues of legal harmonisation in some specific areas, namely: state aid, public procurement, financial services, banking, technical rules and standards, and personal data protection, the TA State Aid project is intended to assist the implementation of State Aid legislation and legal advocacy, strengthening institutional capacity of the State Aid Group at the Ministry of Finance and the Commission for State Aid Control and to increase the awareness on State Aid Policy at the level of State Aid grantors, potential beneficiaries and the judiciary. With its resources, the State Aid TA project will be supporting the Serbian Government in their efforts towards proper implementation of the SAA in the field of State Aid and its enforcement through the Commission for State Aid Control and the Ministry of Finance. Serbia has clearly moved forward since it finalized the ToR. The Commission for State Aid Control is now in place and it intends to speed up the process of enforcement of the Serbian State Aid Law in line with the SAA obligations.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to assist the beneficiary country in ensuring that government interventions do not distort competition and trade with the EU. Supporting the Government of the Republic of Serbia in establishing and implementing a system of rules and procedures under which State Aid which is necessary for a well-functioning and equitable economy is monitored and assessed as well as enforced by a well functioning administration.

Specific objectives

  • To assist the Group and the Commission in the implementation of the Law on State Aid control and its relevant by-laws in line with the EU Acquis and to provide legal advice for the finalisation of the state aid legal framework harmonisation;
  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of the Group, the Commission and other relevant authorities so that they can carry out their activities concerning decision preparation, notification, record keeping, reporting, monitoring and institutional cooperation in line with EU Acquis and practices;
  • To increase awareness on state aid policy among governmental and private sector actors as well as the judiciary.