Official title of the project

CSOs support to public administration in IPA Rural Development (RD) II with focus on Measure 202


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 1: Public administration reform
Region / City
Banatski Karlovac
Total budget of programme / project

85,211.06 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Nov - 2015. Jul
Expected results
  1. Increased participation of 40 CSOs in policy formulation and accreditation process of rural development Measures for IPA II
  2. Improved inter-sectorial thematic cooperation of public bodies relevant for IPA RD II. Ministries in charge for agriculture, finance, environment, SEIO, and other relevant bodies increased the quality and quantity of collaboration through more meetings, documents exchange, and other forms of cooperation.
  3. National LEADER Network of Local Action Groups (LAG) has been activated and professionalized. “National LEADER Network” accepted into full active membership of European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD)
  4. Increased capacities of 20 LAGs management and staff for civic actions
  5. Promotional video created about LEADER approach to rural development.

CSOs active in the fields complementary to rural development (60); rural inhabitants who will benefit from 20 LAG territories (547.477); rural local self-governments (60).


1.            Citizens’ Association Agromreža NVO, Belgrade

2.            Rural Development Network of Serbia ,Kraljevo

3.            Citizens’ Association Eco Talas ,Tomaševac

Summary of the project

This action aims to enhance the transparency, efficiency and service orientation of public administration in regards to IPA rural development policy formulation and decision making. This is achieved by involving CSOs in policy development and accreditation of rural development Measures for IPA II, but also by improving inter-sectorial thematic cooperation of public bodies relevant for IPA RD II through networking activities.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project was to increase capacities of CSOs and local communities for efficient participation in decision making processes related to social policy improvements.