Official title of the project

Citizens for Inspections Reform – Towards Efficient Inspections System


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 1: Public administration reform
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

85,498.09 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Nov - 2015. Apr
Expected results
  1. CSOs are trained to advocate for inspections reform and monitor reform implementation, their network is up-graded - Twelve CSO’s expressed their interest to join the ad hoc coalition of the project. Six civil society organizations were selected and project agreements were signed. After a month a coalition was fully operational.
  2. CSOs are involved and are recognized partner in debating/drafting inspection reform, their cooperation with stakeholders from different sectors is enhanced. Policy recommendation is published and disseminated to all relevant stakeholders. 
  3. Citizens took active role in advocacy campaign for inspections reform through innovative communication tools
  4. Public support for inspections reform is generated

CSOs; Citizens; Business sector; Public administration

Summary of the project

This project is creating workshops for stakeholders, training sessions for CSOs, and supporting the development of a CSO coalition aimed at involving CSOs in public administration reforms. Focus is placed on strengthening CSOs capacities to advocate for inspections reforms at national and local level, for the respect of the rule of law and for a transparent public administration harmonized with the EU standards.

Programme/Project objectives

The reform of public administration includes inspections reform which are currently numerous, uncoordinated, and without necessary institutional resources in Serbia. Also, they are perceived as corrupt. Professional, efficient and transparent operation of inspections is crucial for respect of law, fight against corruption, equal business conditions and socio economic development. As such, reform of inspections concern citizens.