Official title of the project

Enhanced transparency and efficiency of public administration in four areas


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 1: Public administration reform
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

79,149.67 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Nov - 2015. May
Expected results
  1. Increased amount of information about finances and services of public institutions available in the Information Directories (ID).
  2. Increased number of regulations debated in public
  3. Efficiently implemented public procurement procedures and methodology developed for monitoring of PPs by civil society organisations; Submitted initiatives for sanctioning irregularities identified during the project, irregularities sanctioned
  4. Efficiently monitored procedures of public-private partnerships (PPPs). TS observed 10 PPPs approved by the Commission for PPPs.  Detail report is available here.
  5. CSO, media and relevant authorities trained and informed about importance and practice of ID, public debates, PPs and PPPs. Detail information is available here.

Citizens using services of monitored public institutions and products of PPs and PPPs. Tax payers whose money is spent by monitored institutions. Citizens and legal entities affected through discussed legislation. Media interested for accountability of public administration. Oversight agencies and parliaments.

Summary of the project

This project seeks to improve transparency of public administration and to improve compliance in: accurate and comprehensive pro-active publishing of information about services provided by public institutions and use of approved budgets; enhanced transparency and tools for consultation with interested public in legislative processes at all levels; and arrangements based on Law on Public Private Partnerships and Concessions.

Programme/Project objectives

This project seeks to strengthen the rule of law through increased transparency of work of public authorities and improved quality of services provided to citizens. The project objectives will be achieved through a combination of monitoring carried out by Transparency Serbia, spreading monitoring skills of other CSOs and media, providing of recommendations for improvement of practice to the observed authorities, providing state oversight bodies information aimed to initiate sanctioning procedures and raise of citizens’ awareness about current level of transparency and efficiency of public institutions’.