Official title of the project

Reinforcing the Role of Civil Society Organisations in Community Development and Public Administration Reform


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 1: Public administration reform
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

98,740.62 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Nov - 2015. Jan
Expected results
  1. Developed a model for transparent, accountable and result oriented financing of CSOs projects aligned with priorities and local developmental strategies.
  2. Designed e-platform “Local Development Toolkit” as an e-service supporting policy making in community development -
  3. Introduced new services of Advisory Centre of SCTM for sustainable cooperation between CSOs and local administration
  4. Developed Policy Analysis
  5. Improved capacities of local authorities and CSOs, for joined decision making process for local community development
  6. Piloted grassroots initiatives of CSOs implemented through partnership of CSOs and local authorities in accordance with specific local needs
  7. Increased effectiveness of public funds allocated to CSOs in at least five local municipalities.
  8. At least 50 000 citizens in targeted regions directly and positively affected by implemented grass root initiatives

CSOs of Serbia; Local authorities; Regional Development Agencies of Serbia; Media; 5) Citizens of Serbia.

Summary of the project

The project aims to increase the influence of CSOs in the public administration reform in Serbia. Representatives from public administrations and CSOs participate in a results-oriented dialogue on local community development, improving transparency and accountability, and management of local public funds assigned for CSOs. Grants support to grass root initiatives also contributes to increasing the role of CSOs in local development.

Programme/Project objectives

CSOs in public administration reform in Serbia will be strengthened by joined engagement of representatives from public administrations in 10 municipalities and 20 CSOs in building result-oriented dialogue for local community development, and improving transparency and accountability of local public administration in effective management of local public funds assigned for CSOs.