Official title of the project

The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 2: Cultural Diversity
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

91,584.00 EUR

Implementation period
2013. Nov - 2014. Nov
Expected results
  1. Hundred young people from Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Pazar and Nis were given the chance to cooperate with each other, to get mentorship and production support by the network of collaboration in the project.
  2. Mobilizing the local communities resulted in empowerment of the whole community through persisting on equal participation in spite of everyday discouragement in economic and political conditions.
  3. Twenty public events produced in a variety of formats and artistic or critical approach.
  4. Project results published in the book “The Context Studies: The Diversity of the Diversity”.

Communities and public concerned with the specific issues related to the human rights in their local communities


1.            Yurom Centar, Niš

2.            Sent, Novi Pazar

3.            Aktivni region, Subotica

Summary of the project

The goal of the action is to create an educational platform that relies on learning about the importance of recognizing differences and understanding the context in which misunderstandings in social communication can take place. Participants are using the CZKD production space, as well as its archive, to create and display messages that promote cultural diversity of the Serbian society.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective of the project is to fill the gap in official education by using a new education practice and a participatory model that will empower young people/course participants to produce cultural and artistic work with the goal of publically promoting cultural diversity.