Official title of the project

PRO.ME.NE. - PROmotion of MEntal health NEtwork


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2012 Theme 3: Capacity building at the local level
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

91,263.92 EUR

Implementation period
2014. Jan - 2015. Jun
Expected results
  1. Conducted Mapping the Serbian situation of CSO’s and of the non-formal groups of users of mental health services – research conducted with the purpose of collecting information about current situation in Serbia and to serve as a tool for designing of the capacity building actions.
  2. Published Analysis of the existing legislation at European and national level on mental health care and monitoring of the implementation of these strategies in Serbia –document is created and promoted among relevant stakeholders and will be used for further advocacy initiatives.
  3. Increased capacities of 227 representatives of CSOs on how to create new CSOs in mental health field, and intensive training programme for the existing ones.
  4. Three new pilot-services, managed by the existing CSO’s in mental health field (Mir, Duga and Videa) initiated with purpose of empowering their capacities to offer new creative ways in facing mental health issues.
  5. Serbian network of CSOs in mental health – NAUM created, through meetings at national and local level and elaboration of a strategic document on common standards
  6. Policy paper published as a result of the final project conference. The purpose of this document is to be used for future advocacy actions.
  7. Project widely promoted including creation and broadcasting of 1 TV presentation, web page and social networks.
  1. Patients of public MH services and the MH sector
  2. Families of the MH users
  3. The national and local policy makers for welfare in Serbia
  4. Serbian civil society at large.

Summary of the project

This project aims to empower and raise the capacities of eight Serbian CSOs which provide mental health services, enabling them to join national networks and to successfully advocate and influence policies. The project is also mapping the situation of CSO’s dealing with mental health in Serbia, analyzing European and national legislation, and activating 2 new pilot-services managed by the participating CSO’s.

Programme/Project objectives

Overall objective of the project is to promote the democratic dialogue between Serbian institutions and the network of CSOs working for the protection of vulnerable groups (in particular the users of mental health services) by strengthening their internal capacities and developing the participation of these grass-root organizations in the public debate, in policy-making processes, in providing new care services and in raising awareness all around the country.