Official title of the project

Children with disabilities in residential care as victims of multiple discrimination

Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2013 Theme 2: Antidiscrimination
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

62,012.39 EUR 

Implementation period
2014. Nov - 2016. Mar
Expected results
  1. Formulated course of action for alleviating discrimination and supporting education of institutionalized children with disabilities.
  2. Established system of support to reacting to discrimination against children with disabilities in residential care, throughout capacity building, networking and direct support.
  3. Increased visibility of the multiple discrimination of children with disabilities in residential care.

Children and youth with disabilities in residential care in Serbia.

Programme/Project objectives

The project aims to ensure support to the most vulnerable children – children with disabilities in residential care – who are victims of multiple discrimination within the education system in Serbia in terms of access to education and provision of adequate support to successfully complete education. Overall, the project aims to understand the scope of discrimination against institutionalized children by providing and interpreting meaningful data, and to build capacities of local schools and local community actors for direct support to these vulnerable children.