Official title of the project

Campaign “1 IN 5”: Enhancing Childhood Sexual Assault Prevention Policies and Reforms in Education


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2013 Theme 2: Antidiscrimination
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2014. Nov - 2015. Nov
Expected results

1) Production of the 1st National Study on Prevalence and Incidence of CSA

2) Improvements of CSA related education policies and mechanisms proposed (as a result of the work on Integration of the Study results in public policies, especially in the sector of education)

3) Increased awareness on the CSA in Serbia, especially among young people, teachers and parents


Young people, women and children more exposed to discriminatory practices.

Programme/Project objectives

Project is aiming to enhance systems for monitoring and implementation of Childhood Sexual Assault related legal framework and mechanisms at national and local levels.