Official title of the project

Support to Non-discriminatory Enjoyment of Rights by Asylum Seekers


Project information

CIVIL SOCIETY FACILITY PROGRAMME 2013 Theme 2: Antidiscrimination
Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

130,349.59 EUR 

Implementation period
2014. Nov - 2016. Nov
Expected results
  1. 3000 asylum seekers provided with information about their rights, out of which at least 400 minors
  2. Legal aid services provided to a minimum of 2000 asylum seekers, out of which at least 400 minors
  3. ‘Strategic litigation’ undertaken on 1-2 cases
  4. 2000 asylum seekers provided with psychological and intercultural counselling, out of which at least 400 minors
  5. 40 local community activists trained on providing support to asylum seekers, with focus on new asylum centre locations
  6. 20 students/future professionals trained on providing support to asylum seekers
  7. 150 minor asylum seekers participate in intercultural activities with 150 local children
  8. 4 advocacy campaigns conducted based on half-year monitoring reports

All asylum seekers, specially accompanied and unaccompanied minors, public authorities and Serbian society.

Programme/Project objectives

The action aims to strengthen the support to asylum seekers and establish effective systems of support, aimed at preventing discrimination and discriminatory practices against them, with a special focus on the most vulnerable group of accompanied and unaccompanied minors. As a result, asylum seekers will be able to enjoy the rights to which they are entitled without discrimination.