Official title of the project

FROM HILLS TO DAIRIES - Valorization of milk production in cross-border area of Serbia and Montenegro


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project

175.357,91 EUR 

Implementation period
2016. Sep - 2018. Feb
Expected results

Improved conditions for development of dairy sector as an opportunity for economic growth of rural areas in Municipalities Cajetina, Plav and Andrijevica.

Strengthened production capacities of individual farmers from the target area in terms of quality and quantity of milk production.

Marketing and placement of the dairy products in the regional market.


Municipality of Cajetina

Zlatiborski Ekoagrar, l.t.d

Summary of the project

The project FROM HILLS TO DAIRIES has been developed as a result of the initiatives undertaken by the municipalities of Čajetina, Plav and Andrijevica aimed at strengthening of value chain within a dairy sector as well as milk valorization through higher levels of the milk processing into traditional products such as a cheese and sour cream (“kajmak”).

The implementation of the project FROM HILLS TO DAIRIES foresees setting up of two mini dairies in the territory of Cajetina and Plav striving to protection of dairy production, milk valorization through standardized production in line with a legal regulations, development of visual identity in the market as well as products distribution in hotels, restaurants and small retail objects at the territory of the previously mentioned municipalities. 

The project implementation would create better conditions for dairy producers, safe and reliable sale and distribution of milk that would enable sustainable economies of agricultural households and preservation of the population in cross-border rural areas

Programme/Project objectives

Project objective is to contribute to cross-border cooperation and sustainable rural development of Zlatibor County and Northern Montenegro.

Specific objectives

Specific objective of the action is strengthened value chain of milk production sector in the cross-border area of Zlatibor, Plav and Andrijevica. The action aims to fill the gaps in chain of small scale production, processing and linking to the market creating sustainable mechanism for development of dairy sector.