Official title of the project

New Textile Coalition

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2013. Jun
Expected results
  • 200 young textile workers living in Jablanica District gained additional knowledge, information and practice in different fields sufficient to start their own business.
  • Cooperative is founded to develop a unique brand in training young unemployed textile workers
  • Training centre established as part of cooperative in order to train textile workers how to start their own business, strategic planning, basics of marketing campaign, as well as additional and up to date knowledge related to textile industry

Resource Centre Leskovac


National Employment Service City of Leskovac

Summary of the project

During the last decade textile factories in Leskovac closed down and thousands lost their jobs. Jablanica District is one of the districts with highest rate of persons searching for job more than 12 months, half of them are women and almost 30% are young people up to 30 years of age. Since Leskovac has many young people that wish to design and tailor fashion street ware clothes but they are lack in materials, equipment and knowledge on how to realize ideas, this project will give them the opportunity to show what they know. On the other hand, local community and investors will get new serious products to invest in. This project is creating new employment opportunities in one of the most undeveloped region in Serbia by training and employing young textile workers providing them with innovative methodologies of management and work which make them competitive in the market.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to revival of economy and entrepreneurial spirit in Jablanica district

Specific objectives

To contribute to revival of economy and entrepreneurial spirit in Jablanica District

  • To contribute to revival of textile industry in Jablanica District
  • To create more favorable conditions for self-employment of young textile workers and their participation at the market
  • Prepare unemployed young textile workers to work under actual market conditions