Official title of the project

Vojvodina Metal Cluster

Project information

Region / City
Vojvodina, Temerin
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Jan
Expected results
  • MEMOS cluster expanded
  • Vojvodina Metal Cluster reorganized to a public-private partnership
  • VMV support research and networking, export promotion and transfer of innovation and technology
  • VMC Support Service Centre to promote and support regional branding
  • Introduce a sustainable apprenticeship program

Municipality of Temerin


Provincial Secretariat for Interregional Cooperation - Government of AP Vojvodina, Provincial Secretariat for Economy - Government of AP Vojvodina, Faculty of technical sciences – University of Novi Sad, Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre, Municipality of Stara Pazova, Association for the competitiveness improvement of Srem metal producers „MEMOS”- Indjija, General Association of Entrepreneurs Ada

Summary of the project

Metal industry is the biggest export industry sector in Serbia. At the same time, the greatest number of jobs was shed in the metal industry. The explanation of this misbalance lays in the fact that less than 1% of the total number of metal industry companies generates most of the Serbian growth and export, while several thousands of metal industries SMEs are barely making ends meet and generating unemployment. The high unemployment is concentrated in specific regions where large state-owned factories were the sole employers. Due to inadequate privatization processes, most of these companies have decreased productivity and employment, while new born SMEs still don’t have the capacity and international competitiveness to compensate for the unemployment created. The situation is very similar in Vojvodina. The Project Team has identified cluster development approach as an efficient solution to a significant number of small and medium enterprises. Overall objective of the project is to contribute towards employment through cluster development, business networking and export promotion and to increase competitiveness of Vojvodina Metal sector SMEs through enhancement of the institutional capacity of cluster MEMOS.

Programme/Project objectives

Contribute towards employment creation/sustainment in underdeveloped areas of the Vojvodina region, through promotion of a new public-private partnership model, increased international competitiveness and export performance of enterprises in Metal Industry

Specific objectives

  • To assist the Provincial Government of Vojvodina in developing and implementing effective support mechanisms and instruments aimed at increasing employment and strengthening competitiveness of SMEs in the Metal sector through cluster development, business networking and export promotion;
  • To increase competitiveness of Vojvodina Metal sector SMEs through enhancement of the institutional capacity of cluster MEMOS (Metal Producers Association of Srem County - Vojvodina) to provide assistance in technological innovation, implementation of modern information technology, quality certification and skills enhancement to SMEs, as well as in the marketing/internationalization and adoption of the acquis communautaire.