Official title of the project

Welders’ training and certification in Banat

Project information

Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Kikinda
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Aug
Expected results
  • TCAS laboratories' capacities improved
  • Level of information of the business sector on the importance of certifications increased
  • TCAS has accredited as an ATB institution (Approved Training Body)
  • Capacities of Banat enterprises in welding improved
  • Level of employability of unemployed increased

Technical College of Applied Sciences, Zrenjanin


Regional Chambers of Commerce, ZrenjaninSerbia; Regional Chambers of Commerce, Pancevo, Serbia; Regional Chambers of Commerce, Kikinda, Serbia;

Summary of the project

In Vojvodina province as well as in Banat region there is no institution that provides employed welders with relevant education and certificates. So far, only 2 Serbian companies obtained ISO EN 3834 . Every company which submits application to obtain this standard has to fulfill number of conditions. One of them is that it employs at least one certificated welder. Activities which will be undertaken by the project are aiming to increase the number of educated and certificated welders as well as to increase the number of internationally competitive enterprises. As a final result their final products will be more competitive than today. The welding laboratory equipment is necessary for practical education, so 2 present laboratories at TCAS will be adjusted in order to dispatch new equipment. The project intents to interfere on unemployed population by training and certification in an area where is present a real gap on labor market.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to the increase of employment in Banat by enhancement of the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises in Banat region.

Specific objectives

To increase competitiveness of BANAT manufacturing enterprises by certification of welders