Official title of the project

Implementing the national strategy to fight drug abuse in Serbia


Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. May - 2011. Apr
Expected results
  • Successful public development, promotion, acceptance and implementation of a national drug abuse prevention strategy, a realistic action plan and related legal frameworks
  • Relevant amendments to the current legislative framework governing drug abuse prevention services, including other laws affecting drug related matters, with proposals for necessary changes;
  • Relevant conferences and expert meetings organised
  • Comprehensive training programmes on drug abuse prevention for health professionals and other professionals developed and Ministry of Health assisted in implementing this plan.
  • Enhanced coordination and partnership between all key partners brought from the public, voluntary and private sectors,
  • Reliable monitoring and information system on psychoactive substances established,
  • Regional and international cooperation promoted and enhanced through study visits, conferences and involvement in the activities carried out by Eu

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Institute of Public
  • Health “Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut“
  • City of Belgrade Institute of Public Health
  • Special Hospital for Addiction Diseases “Drajzerova”
  • National Drugs Committee of Serbia
  • International organizations: WHO, UNODC, UNAIDS, Global Fund, UNICEF
  • Academic institutions
  • Civil society
  • Privat

Summary of the project

Through this project, the Government of Serbia and its ministries, particularly the Ministry of Health, are supported in the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan against drug abuse. The emphasis is on drug demand reduction, while activities foreseen in the area of supply reduction are addressed through other ongoing and planned projects/programmes. The focus of INSADA project interventions is on prevention, while inputs in the areas of harmreduction, treatment, rehabilitation, (re)integration and policy development are provided within project activities related to legislation and policy development, capacity building, networking and international cooperation. The Government of Serbia is encouraged to ensure a level of sustainability of the project’s achievements. Project resources are used to support the first phase of the implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plan on drugs. Project experts are engaged to support this process and to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Health. A multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach is the key formula for the successful implementation of the above mentioned activities.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to drug abuse policies and prevention of spreading of controlled psychoactive substance abuse (CPAS) in Serbia. A number of complementary media campaign and health promotion objectives are articulated in the National Drugs Communication Strategy, to be developed for stakeholder endorsement.

Specific objectives

Specific objectives of the project are to:

Assist in the implementation of the decreased drug demand component of the National strategy to fight drug abuse and the regular updating of this Strategy;

Strengthen the Ministry of Health’s capacity to implement the strategy;

Assist the Ministry of Health in preparing and implementing a public campaign to fight drug abuse.