Official title of the project

Adding Value through linkages- Technology Park Vrsac, Industrial Zone Zrenjanin and Industrial Zone Kovin

Project information

Vrsac, Zrenjanin, Kovin
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Apr
Expected results
  • Increased management capacities of TPV, IZZ and IZK and management systems of IZZ and TPV developed with management staff trained;
  • Enhanced perception of investors and companies regarding TPV, IZZ and IZK
  • More effective promotion and regional branding
  • Upgraded business linkages between on-site and off-site companies in Vrsac, Zrenjanin and Kovin
  • municipalities
  • Increased competitiveness of local companies

Municipality of Vrsac


City of Zrenjanin, Municipality of Kovin

Summary of the project

This project will directly improve the capacity of the municipalities of Kovin, Vrsac and Zrenjanin to design and implement interventions intended to increase economic growth and create employment. This project builds capacity to maximize the benefits of this infrastructure. Technology parks and industrial zones initiatives will support development of innovation, stimulate technology transfer and attract advanced technologies, create more jobs for highly qualified personnel and increase the quality production of national SMEs. The project is also focused on development and improvement the management system for both Industrial Zone and Technology Park in the targeted areas as well as on branding and promotional activities in order to increase the occupancy of the technology and industrial parks and create more business opportunities. This project will add value to local economies through the development of business links between the companies located in the Industrial Zone and the Technology Park and local small and medium enterprises.

Programme/Project objectives

Increased Vojvodina/Banat profile for future investments and socio-economic development-making new business opportunities as well as Innovation, technology transfer and quality certification in place among Serbian SMEs

Specific objectives

Increase the economic impact of Technology Park of Vrsac, Industrial Zone of Zrenjnin and Industrial Zone of Kovin