Official title of the project

ATC Serbia -Automotive Training Centre for Central Serbia

Project information

Region / City
Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Cacak
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Jan
Expected results
  • 3 didactical labs equipped with modern instruments
  • more than 40 hours of training courses for teachers and managers
  • teaching materials (slides, manuals) & events (seminars, study visits)
  • operative agreement between secondary school, faculties, enterprises
  • new teaching modules and programs according to enterprises’ needs
  • 9 traditional courses modified impacting on 400 students/year
  • 8 pilot courses with 40 weeks training for technicians & unemployed people
  • requalification of 60 unemployed workers and new opportunity to work
  • skilled and motivated workers to reinforce the automotive sector
  • visibility plan (press conferences, training events, promotional materials)

Polytechnic School Kragujevac (PSK)


UNIBO - Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy MFKG - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Kragujevac - Serbia MFKV - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Kraljevo - Serbia TFCK – Technical Faculty in Cacak, Serbia IAL Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy CCKG - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kragujevac, Serbia

Summary of the project

Automotive enterprises are mainly located in the provinces of Vojvodina and Sumadija, especially in the surrounding area of Kragujevac City. Since the early nineties, the number of Serbian employees in the automotive sector has been constantly and significantly decreasing. The project aims to create a training centre, based in Kragujevac, where students, adults and technicians can acquire modern concepts for a deeper education regarding the main aspects of the automotive Industry. Project actions will be performed thought theinstalling 3 technical laboratories, specifically developed to the automotive industry and equipped with modern didactic instruments and new training models; definition of an innovative teachers training programs, training events (seminars, study visits, etc.), 9 traditional courses modified at secondary and university levels impacting on 400 students/year, not less than 40 weeks of training in 8 pilot courses for technicians and unemployed persons,operative agreement between schools, faculties (Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Cacak, Bologna) and OEMs (FIAT, Zastava and their suppliers as MagnetiMarelli) implementation of a “visibility plan”, including 2 press conferences, seminars, training events and production of publications and other visibility materials

Programme/Project objectives

Establish a didactical centre in Central Serbia in the automotive field, powered by innovative training equipments and modern teaching methods, for the highest qualification of students and a top grade specialization of industrial workers, creating a strong and stable relation between Secondary school, University and Enterprise, as fundamental base for the renewed Serbian automotive cluster

Specific objectives

  • Improve the training and educational system of Central Serbia
  • Reduce the gap between industrial needs and educational offer
  • Create an area-based partnership for development and employment between automotive productive and training &educational systems
  • Improve the technical skills as well as human capital in Central Serbia
  • Improve the capacity of self-employment of people
  • Best practices dissemination to other regions of Serbia
  • Renew teaching equipments for secondary schools and universities