Official title of the project

Business Zone Kolovrat

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Oct
Expected results
  • Provision of primary and secondary water supply built between Kolovrat and Suvodo
  • 31 companies connected to the water supply network
  • Increased promotion and visibility for the Kolovrat Business Zone

Municipality Prijepolje


Regional Development Agency “Zlatibor” Public Utility Company “Lim”

Summary of the project

Prijepolje is a municipality with a high rate of unemployment, which is one of the main problems in the region. In Prijepolje there are five business zones: Velika Zupa, Ivanje, Kolovrat, Zalug and Brodarevo. The current project targets Kolovrat business zone with 19 companies. A critical problem for the companies in the business zone is lack of constant water supply from an authorized source, which put under threath the licence of the 19 companies. The purpose of the project is water infrastructure improvement which enables the Kolovrat business zone to keep and increase its employment figure. Also, the project is expected to keep 438 permanent jobs, 300 seasonal jobs and to create 175 more jobs.

Programme/Project objectives

To create new employment opportunities and to safeguard existing employment in Polimlje sub-region

Specific objectives

Improve the economic and employment performance of Kolovrat Business Zone