Official title of the project

Establishment of Technological & Food-processing Park

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2013. May
Expected results
  • Establishment of a Technological & Food-processing Park (TFP) in northern business zone in Leskovac
  • Administrative building for TFP constructed and fully equipped
  • Construction of business related infrastructure and technical equipment and promoted through an area based partnership
  • Joint marketing activities prepared and organized
  • Implementation of a modular training programme

City of Leskovac


Technological Faculty Leskovac

Summary of the project

Leskovac is one of the underdeveloped cities in Serbia. The lack of institutional framework for business service delivery, inadequate municipal infrastructure and skilled workforce for SME development are the main problems. The city of Leskovac has no sufficient institutional support to existing business and new investors. The available infrastructure capabilities are also a limiting factor for expansion of existing business capacity and launch new business activities. Action Establishment of Technological & Food-processing park present brand new concept of public-private partnership in Serbia. By implementation of the action, new employment possibilities (for 250 unemployed persons, mostly young women skilled for food-processing production) in the region will be enabled and quality of the products in the regional market will be improved.

Programme/Project objectives

The establishment of business friendly environment in Jablanica district through the improvement of business related infrastructure, thus strengthening competitiveness of SMEs enabling new employment possibilities

Specific objectives

Establish an area based partnership for capacity building, networking, transfer of knowledge, business service delivery to increase competitiveness and joint promotional activities of SMEs. Create spatial conditions and business related infrastructure capacities for development of added values in production processes through efficient and effective use of business locations and maintaining of premises.