Official title of the project

Film Friendly Environment - Increase Serbia’s Regional Competitiveness as a Film Location Destination

Project information

Belgrade, Vojvodina
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Feb - 2013. May
Expected results
  • Local authorities’ equipped with the regulatory framework recommendations needed to optimize the process of cooperation with film production
  • Municipalities formalize their commitment to developing Film Friendly program by signing Memorandum of Understanding and Code of Conduct
  • Raised capacity of the target groups to develop Film Friendly capacities/to better meet the needs of international productions
  • Increased interaction between the stakeholders – film industry, local supporting industries and local authorities
  • Support platform to Film Friendly practices made available to target groups
  • Raised public visibility of the action and the FF concept
  • Independent monitoring and evaluation of the action conducted

Serbia Film Commission


Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED)

Summary of the project

South East Europe has been a favorite film making destination for years. Located in the heart of Europe, offering good service at low price and developed infrastructure, this region is quite competitive on the international film production market. This is also a good chance for Serbia too and production on location in Serbia has risen in last four years. The overall objective of the action is to increase in competitiveness of Serbia and Greater Belgrade and Vojvodina regions in particular-as a film making destination in South Eastern Europe. This objective will be achieved through development of regulatory framework recommendations, organization of a public conference, organization of trainings and network events, development of on line portal and certification process.

Programme/Project objectives

Increase in competitiveness of Serbia – and Greater Belgrade and Vojvodina regions in particular - as a film making destination in South Eastern Europe

Specific objectives

Increase the capacity of local authorities to efficiently participate in film production projects by reducing the "red tape" and fostering networking with private sector. Support the growth of film industry and supporting industries (local vendors/service suppliers) by helping them to better respond to needs of international productions, and to establish networks of cooperation with local authorities and between each other.