Official title of the project

Strengthening Local Self-Government in Serbia, Phase 2

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Apr - 2012. Apr
Expected results

Expected Result 1: Consolidated legal and institutional framework for local self-government;

Expected Result 2: Improved financial arrangements for local government and support to fiscal decentralisation;

Expected Result 3: Strengthened co-ordination mechanisms and decentralisation strategy developed;

Expected Result 4: Enhanced citizen participation at local level including raised awareness on local government issues.


Governmental and local institutions and officials, citizens’ organisations and citizens will be the main beneficiaries of the Programme in the medium and long-term.


Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self- Government , Ministry of Finance, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and Office of the national Council for Decentralisation.

Summary of the project

The Programme aims to support the Serbian authorities at central and local level in the elaboration of a decentralisation strategy and in the implementation of institutional and legal reforms in the field of local self-government. The rule of law, the democratisation of society and sustainable economic development, through the implementation of economic and social reforms, have been reaffirmed as necessary means to set the foundations for Serbia’s accession to the European Union. The Programme is built on the Strategy of Public Administration Reform. According to this document, the distribution of power between the central and sub-central (local) levels of power represents “one of the essential prerequisites for the democratisation of society at large”. The implementation of the Programme foresees a leading role for the Serbian Government, particularly the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self- Government and the Ministry of Finance. The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and the Office of the National Council for Decentralisation are naturally a key partners of the Programme, in the implementation of activities. The Programme’s key features are related to the drafting of the Law on the status of local self-government staff, Law on local salaries, Law on local elections, Law on public property, Law on referendum and citizens’ initiatives and Law on Communal Police. An innovative work will be provided in the fields of administrative supervision, performance budgeting, expenditure standards, equalisation, local finance audit.

Programme/Project objectives

The overall objective of the Programme is the establishment of an efficient local government system in order to promote good governance and more effective provision of services to citizens. The concrete purpose of the Programme is to support further elaboration of the decentralisation strategy and implementation of the institutional and legal reforms in local government sector in Serbia

Specific objectives

In order to consolidate the institutional and legal framework, the Programme will assess the implementation of basic legislation of local self-government at national and local level.

The Programme will provide advice and support in: - improving the regulations on local budgets; - drafting of expenditure standards; - regulation of municipal property; - reviewing the equalisation system; - developing system of municipal debt; - improvement of the local auditing system.

The Programme aims to promote a strategy for decentralisation, support the establishment of a high-level decentralisation co-ordination platform and to improve the co-ordination mechanisms between central and local level administrations.

The Programme seeks to enhance citizen participation at local level and raise awareness on local government issues through support to the drafting and implementation of a Law on Local Referendum and Citizens’ Initiative and specific initiatives to incre