Official title of the project

Increased competitiveness of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Companies through Networking

Project information

Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2011. Jan
Expected results
  • Creation of an Export Association of Central and West Serbia of fruit and vegetables processing companies
  • Raised communication and promotion level of Export Association members
  • Increased skills and information level of Export Association members’ management teams
  • Improved networking with potential partners on domestic and in target markets

Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo


Regional Chamber of Commerce Kragujevac; Regional Chamber of Commerce Krusevac; Regional Chamber of Commerce Uzice; Regional Agency for Spatial and Economic Development of Raski and Moravicki Districts, RRA LUR – Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region-Slovenia;

Summary of the project

The fruit and vegetable processing sector in Serbia has a tremendous potential for export, but only 15 percent of all vegetables and about 20 percent of all fruits go to the processing sector. Due to their size, SMEs in F&V processing sector in Serbia do not possess enough internal capacities, as well as human, technical and financial resources. The purpose of the project is to improve export competitiveness of fruit/vegetables processing sector in 6 regions in Serbia, through networking and cooperation between members and all relevant factors in value-chain, along with more information, promotion action, export skills and especially with direct contact with target market. The project will create network/partnership for development and employment, encouraging innovative management practices and exploiting network opportunities.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to local economic development of 6 districts in Central and West Serbia, through increase of competitiveness and export of fruit and vegetables processing companies through networking in export association.

Specific objectives

To upgrade and strengthen min 30 fruit and vegetable processors to twin with partners on target market through networking, support in promotion, raising information level and export skills, and to facilitate business matching.