Official title of the project

Increasing the competitiveness of the economy of the Nis region by stimulating innovation activities in the SME sector

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2010. Jan - 2012. Jan
Expected results
  • Regional Innovation Support Study completed
  • Improved capacities for minimum of 30 SMEs
  • 15+ innovators and researchers developing products ideas through market innovation
  • Innovation mentoring services promoted to 10 SMEs (targe 3 development projects)
  • Regional Innovation Support Study recommendations progressed

Regional Centre for the Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Nis (RCMSP – Nis)


University of Niš; Regional chamber of economy Niš,

Summary of the project

Competitiveness of SME sector in Serbia is not at the satisfactory level. One of the causes of low competitiveness of SME sector is the lack of innovative activities. Specific problems of SME sector are not just lack of capability to solve the problem in innovative way, but also insufficient absorptive capacity, regarding the percentage of SMEs that confirmed implementation of innovations in business. On the other hand, innovative SMEs do not have adequate support. Realization of this Project will have multiple benefits for all target groups: It will directly increase competitiveness of SMEs in Nis Region throughout defining development business solutions and increasing quality of human resources; broaden knowledge of junior innovation experts about business innovation implementation and enable them to acquire necessary practical experience to market innovation; form necessary information base for development of regional policy on innovation activities in future period and establish relationship between business sector, education institutions and public sector of Nis Region.

Programme/Project objectives

To increase the competitiveness of Nis Region economy by stimulating innovative SMEs.

Specific objectives

Relationship-building between SMEs, education institutions and the public sector in the region; Introduce the practice of innovation support services to SMEs.