Official title of the project

My Apiary – My Office

Project information

Region / City
Kucevo, Velika Plana, Boljevac
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2013. Feb
Expected results
  • Infrastructural capacities improved as well as conditions for professional beekeeping
  • Opportunities created for standardizing quality and placement of honey and beekeeping products
  • A packet of joined services for the needs of beekeepers and beekeeper organizations developed
  • Knowledge of the unemployed and existing beekeepers has been improved, experiences and best practice has been obtained, level of informing increased
  • Project is successfully being realized and is in compliance with the proposed activities

Municipality of Zagubica


Municipality of Kučevo; Municipality of Velika Plana; Municipality of Boljevac

Summary of the project

The project focuses on mutual problems of beekeeping sector that concern services, quality of production, value added, marketing, selection and procurement of selected raw material. On the territory of the Branicevo, Zajecar and Danube district, there are cca 1400beekeepers, organized in 14 beekeeping organization with a total of cca 50.000 beeshives and annual production of cca 550.000 kg of honey, which is 11% of the total annual production of honey in Serbia. Beekeeping has great possibilities foe development and improvement, but there are several limiting factors and issues: low professionalism of beekeepers, poor utilization of contemporary technological solutions in production and processing of products, lack of services that provide support for the beekeepers, inconsistency with the EU standards. At the end of the project infrastructural capacities will be improved, as well as knowledge of the unemployed and existing beekeepers.

Programme/Project objectives

To improve conditions for a sustainable economic development of the region through creating opportunities for employment in the beekeeping sector in the districts of Zaječar, Braničevo and Danube

Specific objectives

  • Establish support and beekeeping service for the needs of existing and potential new beekeepers
  • Improve and standardize production in beekeeping
  • Improve conditions for distribution of honey on the market
  • Build knowledge and create conditions for employment in the beekeeping sector