Official title of the project

NOWESES-New Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Southeast Serbia.

Project information

Region / City
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2009. Jan - 2010. Jan
Expected results
  • Conducted research on service providers for agro-food tourism
  • women entrepreneurs trained within agro food sector in; food safety & food chain traceability; sustainable tourism development effective business management & development; effective brand creation and promotion. business start-up & management in the service sector; promotion & lobbying for women entrepreneurship and area-based partnerships.

Regional Chamber of Economy Niš


Formaper - Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft & Agriculture, Italy; Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leskovac, Serbia Regional Chamber of Economy Zaječar, Serbia

Summary of the project

Southeast Serbia is part of the country with the largest number of undeveloped municipalities and highest unemployed rates. The action aims to contribute to the reduction of regional economic disparities and gender equality. The action addresses the needs of active women entrepreneurs for supportive measures in business management and development by providing need-oriented and customized entrepreneurial training. The action focuses on women entrepreneurs in agro-food, tourism and services. Encouraging new business start-ups and strengthening the existing businesses will create new job opportunities in the region. The concrete results of the action will be: conducted research on service providers for agro-food sector trained on food rural tourism with 45 interviewees; 15 women entrepreneurs from rural tourism sector trained on sustainable tourism development and effective marketing; 15 women trained on food safety and food traceability; 20 women trained on effective business management; 25 women trained on effective brand creation and promotion; 20 women trained on business start-up; 25 women trained on effective promotion and lobbying for women entrepreneurship.

Programme/Project objectives

To contribute to the creation of a more-balanced socio-economic development in Serbia by promoting and supporting full-inclusion of women in economy; To contribute to the elimination of gender discrimination and promote equal participation of women in economy, labor market and social life in Serbia

Specific objectives

To increase the competitiveness of businesses owned by women entrepreneurs and facilitate the creation of new business start-ups by women in order to generate new employment in Southeast Serbia