Official title of the project

Outsourcing Center Serbia

Project information

Novi Sad
Total budget of programme / project


Implementation period
2011. Mar - 2013. May
Expected results
  • 60-100 IT outsourcing companies, registered and classified
  • Database of 1500-2000 CVs of IT experts (freelancers, students and senior experts)
  • Fully developed web portal with 60-100 companies registered and with listed sharing ready resources
  • Realized IT outsourcing projects worth more than 8 millions EUR in value
  • 320 companies' representatives trained on topics of foreign ITO markets and Project Management methods

Business Academy in Novi Sad Faculty of Law, Novi Sad


Serbian Chamber of Commerce, ICT Network Cluster, Association New Business Ideas Network

Summary of the project

One of the key challenges facing Serbia's region is the loss of talent due to emigration. Especially alarming is the fact that that most emigrates have degrees in engineering and other technical fields. The reasons most often given for leaving are invariably lack of local employment opportunities. Outsourcing Center of Serbia's primary goal will be to increase the capacities of Serbian small to midsize IT outsourcing companies. The final goal of this project is to enhance growth of Serbia's IT sector and improve employment. This will be achieved through different project activities: developing the webmail portal, creating a central database for all IT resumes, CVs and job openings, identification of new IT outsourcing companies in Serbia, organizing training sessions for IT outsourcing companies' representatives.

Programme/Project objectives

Form an Outsourcing Center Serbia, as innovative business networking infrastructure that will enable the classification and cooperation of IT outsourcing companies and their business capacity increase in all regions across Serbia, thus increasing the value of IT outsourcing services.

Specific objectives

  • Set up of a system for identification, classification and cooperation of IT outsourcing companies in all regions in Serbia
  • Increase of human resource availability for IT outsourcing companies
  • Increase of international presence of Serbian IT companies through networking and joint marketing activities
  • Increase of business capacity of IT companies in Serbia